Regulation For The Real Estate Sector In Spain

If you are considering buying property in a certain country, then choosing real estate solicitors from a good Law firm should be the first thing that you must consider. While it may be tempting for a landlord to keep a prepaid first month's rent, last month's rent and security deposit in the event a tenant either cannot move or feels unsafe doing so, this may open landlords up to liability and legal claims are sure to ensue.
In this series of posts, we have been discussing the legal issues our lawyers in China, the United States, and Spain have been confronting, with the goal blog de derecho inmobiliario of making this blog a repository of information on coronavirus law and especially on how to handle legal matters that have arisen due to the coronavirus.

A combination of technical property expertise, local market knowledge, industry insight and global experience is needed to fully fulfill the clients needs in the real estate market, as well as the ability to take a centrally managed, cross-practice approach to helping clients maximize the value of their portfolios.
The mild weather is only one reason why Rest Assured Properties is so enthusiastic about golf property in Spain - the other is the location of new golf, sports and leisure resorts that are currently under construction in a quiet, lesser-known region of southern Europe -the Murcia region of Spain.

Whatever the reason, this can often seem more stressful than it needs to be, and this is where our Spanish property lawyers come in. Here at Carbray, we understand you can´t always be at your Spanish property for personal reasons, but we are on hand to assist you from abroad in Spain.
Once the inheritors register the inheritance tax title deed at the Registrar Office, they will then have to pay the plus valia” tax at the local town hall - the amount due depends on the number of years that have passed since the last sale of the property.

We often find situations in which clients arrives to our office who desire to buy a home in Spain, having paid and signed a reservation”, deposit” or arras” document, a deposit for the purchase of the same, to be followed by document or private purchase contract, that in most cases does not contain the minimum legal requirements.
Contract Period (just for long term rental agreement): The original three years term is extended to five or seven, depending on whether the landlord is an individual or a company If after that period none of the parties communicates (30 natural days in advance) their willingness to terminate the agreement, the contract will be extended for three years, instead of one year.

In the case where Spanish Tax Authorities have concluded that the branch is not a VAT taxpayer, the Tax Authorities should not penalise the branch, if the company acted in good faith by interpreting the VAT standard in agreement with the administrative doctrine issued by the Tax Authorities.

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